Eastham Tennis

Outdoor Tennis and Pickleball Courts in Eastham, MA  

Located in south Eastham
2 Private Tennis Courts on Widgeon Drive 

3 Private Pickleball Courts on Ireland Way
We invite you to submit an application for membership.

Annual Memberships ($225/year) include:

  • Keys to all courts
  • Annual cookout
  • Guest privileges (no additional charge)
    • Invite your partners to play with you (same court)
    • Guests staying at your house can use the courts

Easy Parking
Please contact one of the officers for information or an application: 

  • David Bernstein, President: 508-255-3486 david@dpbconsulting.net​
  • Bob Zitelli, Secretary: 201-390-8537 robert.zitelli@gmail.com